Marriage Built on the Solid Rock is a non profit organization dedicated to helping build strong marriages and families which reflect God’s design by offering marriage enrichment seminars, retreats, marriage counseling and resources.

Marriage is a sacred union designed to portray the love of Christ for his church.

Our Core Values

We believe every single marriage matters. There is always hope for every marriage. 


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Listen to our marriage enrichment programs which explore various topics to help you build strong marriages and families e.g purpose and meaning of marriage, sacred marriage, parenting in a digital age, leaving and cleaving, sexual intimacy, dealing with in laws, loving God, yourself and your partner etc


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Finances in marriage

Talking about finances can be uncomfortable but candid conversations regarding finances are important. Not having sufficient money to make ends meet is one of

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Psychologist with two family person!

Seasons in marriage

Marriages are not static. They are perpetually in a state of transition and change, moving from one season to another. We find ourselves sometimes

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Family Traditions

These are activities that you do together as a family repeatedly, things that are unique to you and your family. Sustaining family traditions takes

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We are here to help! Our team of counsellors are available to offer a safe, private and confidential space to assist you with marital issues you may be facing. Together we can build strong marriages and turn the tide on divorce, dysfunction, abuse in marriages

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Our passion and purpose is to help build strong marriages and families which reflect God’s design. Partner with us today by donating towards this vision and help us to make this vision a reality.
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